Why Choose Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops?

Enjoy the art of photography can be easy! Hand-painted canvas backdrops work well for you. There shall be no sense in limiting yourself to printed backdrops when excellent hand-painted canvas art is available now.

Among so many types of backdrops, hand-painted backdrops can be regarded as artworks rather than others. We offer affordable hand painted artworks from professional artists. You can always find one to your unique desire. Find your canvas and buy now!


Hand-Painted Art Works Well for You!

Compared with printed backdrops, hand-painted canvas offers better visual effects in your final works, if you’re in pursuit of more artistic effects.

 As the unique material for the hand-painted backdrops,  dyes, paints, and oils can be more easily held by canvas. With the imagination and creation of artists, it can always offer high-end or feelings of fine art for your sessions.


If you want to achieve special visual effects or add fine art to your portraits,  you can choose canvas. You can even custom one-of-a-kind paintings according to your requirements.

Hand-painted canvas backdrop is smooth, soft and waterproof. It is lightweight and durable. It has become a popular option for photo sessions among the backdrops, and it will always enhance your photographs.


we hope to help everyone who loves photography and arts to explore new creative horizons, to embrace new inspirations and enjoy happy shooting!


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