Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops - BTS Photoshoot Clot Studio with Godox AD300PRO

Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops - BTS Photoshoot Clot Studio with Godox AD300PRO

When it comes to canvas, the first thing that would be mentioned is painting. Dyes, paints, and oils can be held easily by this fabric. Because of this, canvas has become a nice option for photo sessions among the backgrounds, and it will always add creativity and enhance your photography.

Hand-painted canvas backdrop is soft, smooth and waterproof. A Hand-painted canvas backdrop can always work well for you!

In today's video, photographer Andrea Carretta is gong to talk about backdrops for your photographic portraits. There are several kinds of backdrop. There are cardboard backdrops, pvc backdrops, microfiber ones, etc. For today's video he will focus on his favorite ones hand painted backdrops.

Andrea Carretta: 

As for dimensions, we have various sizes available. 5x7ft (1.5x2.2m); 7x9ft (2.2x2.7m); 7x12ft (2.2x3.7m); 7x19.6ft(2.2x6m). In my case I took 2.2x2.7m measure, the smaller measure is 1.5x2.2m, the longer and larger is 2.2x6m. But obviously, if you have special measures, they can make you a customized hassle-free version of the backdrop. Obviously the larger the size, the higher the price will be.

As for the quality of this canvas, I believe it’s very good. Because it has a density equal to 300 grams, therefore it is quite considerable. Another thing to remember and point out is that hand-painted canvases are one different from the other, the texture will always remain the same, and the colors will always be the same. But there will be details that will make it different from each other.

Another thing to remember is that hand-painted canvas will not have any kind of crease, so we we won’t have to waste any more time in Photoshop to remove the folds.

Then, one more important thing is that for those who use flash like me or even LED lights, we will not have any kind of reflection in the canvas.

As for the installation, the installation is made through a support for backdrops, which is not that expnsive.You can easily find them on Amazon. In my case, there are 2 stands and 1 bar above. Of course, if you have a backdrop, just a simple C-stand, and a clamp will hold it. But if you have a large backdrop, you need a stronger support.

As for the portability, this is also easy. You just need to roll it up and load it into th car. with loaded machinery also

As for the cleaning, there is no problem. If you’re talking about normal stains, a simple cloth with soap will suffice. Remember not to use solvents or chemicals. Just use the classic laundry soap and you will easily remove the stain.

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About The Photographer: Andrea Carretta is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Timisoara Venice

Learn More:Youtube Channel  ;  Instagram


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