Canvas backdrop

01.Dynamic production
Our turnaround time for backdrop production usually takes about 20days. If you have urgent backdrop requests, please contact us.

02. Size and price
We can do any size, but when the width and height are all more than 8 ft, we can't roll shipping. Custom painted backdrops are specific to each client’s needs and the price is determined by the size of the backdrop.

03.Our vision
Our canvas backdrops are pure hand-painted art, with a unique style to make your photos more attractive. All of our backdrops are hand painted by experienced academic painters.


The material is thick canvas, it is very durable. All works are hand-painted by our experienced painters. They are rich in texture.

Every hand-painted canvas is uniquely customized. It is used to shoot retro and elegance photos.


All Hand Painted Backdrops are FREE SHIPPING, we ship it overseas.

When the width and height are more than 8 ft, we can't roll shipping. And all 5x7 size Hand Painted Backdrops are rolled up with wooden tubes to transport. Hanging is more draping.

The delivery time will be a little longer. Please schedule your time in advance. EMAIL: