PORTRAIT Technique 2: SUPER Simple Tricks for BETTER Portraits

Here comes the second part of the portrait technique. In the first part, we have discussed the hair set and body move of the subject, some easy tricks to capture the natural expressions, as well as some light tips. However, they are more functional in studio. You may also need some techniques for outdoor portraits. This article will give you the answer. 

  1. Use The Natural Light

As the essence of portrait photography, master the secret of light can be seem as the guarantee for a amazing portrait. When taking outdoor portraits, natural light plays an important role. How to make proper use of the natural light in your setting has an immediate influence on the final effect. 

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

One easy way is to place the light source behind the subject. There will be beautiful edge light on the subject, which separates the subject from the background. With this rim light, the image focus will be put on the subject and the dimension of the photo is also enhanced.

Another way is to put your subject in the brightest part of the light. By placing the subject in the brightest area of your scene, anything else in the scene will turn to be naturally vignette, which makes the focus right into the subject. You can also use this trick to get the distortion effects and characteristics when shooting close portrait.

  1. Focus The Eyes

As the saying goes, “eyes are the mirrors of mind”, which is also true in portrait. When setting the scene, think about what the eyes are doing and where the eyes are looking. Looking straight into the camera gives a more honest feeling and creates connection. While looking in other different directions, the image acts more like a scene an invisible viewer is looking at. There are a lot of stories the eyes can tell, you should capture that and bring it out in your photo.

  1. Try High or Low Angle

To create a special and interesting perspective to your image, you should try some challenging angle from above or below the eye level. This different angle will bring more features into the portraits. You can put your camera a little higher or slower to capture the focus on the eyes. Otherwise, you can also ask your subject to sit or stand up for different angles. You may be surprised by the final result, as it shows a much more interesting flavor of the portrait.


Photo by Moon Bhuyan on Unsplash 

  1. Create Reflection

If you want to conceal or enhance something in your scene, you can use a mirror or just your phone to create reflection. When taking portrait outdoors, there is always something in the background that may cause distraction. Here you can use your phone between the subject and your lens to make a second reflection. Therefore, you can conceal the things you do not want to see in the photo.

You can also use this technique to enhance the things you want. Similarly by using a reflective surface and put it in proper angle. The reflective part will overlap part of the image and create a kind of blurred view in the portrait.  

  1. Be More Patient

Take your time when shooting the photograph. There is always tiny change in facial expression and mood of the subject. And this tiny change can definitely influence the final effect. Be patient in your session and make sure you have got the shot you really want.

Photo by Kirschner Amao on Unsplash


Here is also a quite simple method: take more photos. If you are not sure to capture the perfect angles, poses and facial expressions, just take as many as you can. This long-time session will enable you apply more creativity for some great portraits. Besides, the subject will show more true personality for being more comfortable as time goes by.

Hope you enjoy today’s blog and make your own perfect portrait!! 

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