The Birth of Clot Studio Hand-Painted Backdrop

A hand-painted backdrop is almost a must-have gear for professional and high-level photographers. It gives your photo a unique texture and visual look that can not be achieved by other materials. But how does a hand-painted backdrop come into being? What is the procedure behind the backdrop? Here comes the answer.

Clot Studio is specialized in high-level hand-paint canvas backdrop. Each backdrop is 100% handmade by expert artists. With delicately painting, the backdrop gains multiple layers and textures, which offer peculiar depth and textures to your photographs.

Now let’s begin the tour of Clot Studio’s hand-painted backdrop. The backdrop we choose is Clotstudio Abstract Grey Blue Spray Textured Hand Painted Canvas Backdrop #clot 7.

  1. Coloring process

For a Clot Studio gray-blue textured hand-painted backdrop, four colors are required, that is gray base, green texture, purple texture, and blue texture. Thus, the artist should firstly finish the coloring process to prepare for the painting.

  1. Paint the base coat.

Clot Studio uses tailored canvas for the hand-painted backdrop, which already has a white surface for a direct painting after the hanging-on. The first base color of the backdrop is gray. The artist uses a paint roller to give a thorough coat.

It usually takes two to four hours for the base coat to air dry, then we may start to add the textures on.

  1. The first layer of texture

Texturize the backdrop can be the most crucial part of the whole process. It is this part that proves the years of experience and artisanship of our professional artists, which also puts Clot Studio backdrops into a whole other category.

The first texture layer of Clot #7 backdrop is green. In this part, the artist adds some green texture randomly on the edge of the backdrop.

  1. The second layer of texture

Slight purple textures are subtly overlaid on the green textures, to add a more visual look to the backdrop.

  1. The third layer of texture

Here comes the main textures on this backdrop: blue textures. They are more outstanding with rough lines.

  1. Modificationand supplement

At the end of the process, some modifications and supplements are necessary, which makes the overall effect more smooth and harmonious.

  1. The final work

Now we finally get a finished product of Clot Studio’s hand-painted backdrop. The production process offers a more intuitive view to understand how the multiple layers and textures on Clot Studio hand-painted backdrop are created. What a feast for the eyes!!! 


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