Why Choose Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops?

Why Choose Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops?

Envy for the high-profile campaigns shot appearing in Vanity Fair, Vogue or the painterly-look portraits by recognized photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Sue Bryce? Would it be surprising if I pointed out that the hand-painted canvas backdrops behind the photography played an essential role? Have you ever wondered why they choose hand-painted canvas backdrops for their works?

As is known to all, a backdrop really makes a great difference in photography. A proper backdrop will not only improve your photography, but also save you from the annoying post-processing. Among seamless paper, muslin backdrop, vinyl backdrop, printed canvas backdrop and the hand-painted canvas backdrop, why it is the hand-painted canvas backdrop? The following part will show you. 

  • Unique Texture

Taking the specially-designed canvas as raw material, hand-painted canvas backdrop can easily hold dyes, paints, and oils. Delicately painted by expert artists, the backdrop is 100% handmade. Therefore, each backdrop is totally unique in texture. The multiple layers and textures of the paint also endow the backdrop with depth and tonality, which you can never achieve with any other printed backdrops. Moreover, the hand-painted canvas backdrop gives the photo a much more vibrant and quite richer appearance due to the reflective muti-layered surfaces. That’s why the movie-star or fashion photos appear to be high-profile and super stunning.  


  • Durability

Hand-painted canvas backdrop is painted on purpose-made canvas. The linen part of the material provides the backdrop excellent quality of wear-resistance. The specially-designed mixing proportion in the canvas enables a strong adhesion to the oil paints. Taking CLOT hand-painted canvas backdrop as an example, each piece of the canvas includes four layers to realize the functions of no-deformation, leak-prevention and oil-adhesion, along with the anti-mildew and anti-cracking properties. With proper maintenance and storage, a long-term backdrop solution can be guaranteed by all these unique features of hand-painted canvas backdrop. Hence, hand-painted canvas backdrop can be totally a valuable investment which would bring in profits for the years to come.

  • Portability

There are indeed many cases in which a photographer needs to transport the backdrop to different shooting locations. As a headshot photographer, you may frequently visit the clients where they work. There is definitely no nice portrait background and you should take your props and backdrop with you. Hand-painted canvas backdrop can be customized in various size. The smallest size for portrait could even be rolled up in a backpack, which is highly portable. Besides, the thick canvas is less prone to have winkles on the surface. As long as you unfold it from the pack, there can be an immediate use without any preprocessing, saving a lot of time and energies in a tight schedule. One note: the hand-painted canvas backdrop can never be folded, otherwise there would be irreversible winkles.

  • Versatile

Hand-painted canvas backdrop is considered as the best backdrop to achieve special visual effects in portrait photography. There is a variety of colors and textures. What’s more, the handmade paint enables each backdrop to appear with subtle difference. Each backdrop has its particular tone and mood. Combining with the lighting, the final photograph work changes a little bite with the subject’s personal features, such as skin tone, hair color and clothing. With a hand-painted canvas backdrop, the portrait is afforded with more depth and richness.


Food photography is another type frequently using hand-painted canvas backdrop. The unique texture turns the painted canvas into a great backdrop for food photography. It subtly adds tones and atmosphere to the overall feel of the photo without being a competitor of the food. The neutral and unsaturated colors of the hand-painted backdrop give the food a much fresher and more mouth-watering look, enhancing the photo to a higher level .

Hand-painted canvas backdrop goes well with pretty much of anything with a subject, such as maternity, glamour, fashion, product and even jewelry photography. You can always pick one suitable for your session. If you are interested, have a look at CLOT hand-painted canvas backdrop

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