Photography Tutorial: Must-have Tips on Dance Photography

How to capture the graceful movement and the poetic motion in dancing? It must be a huge challenge for most photographers. However, as a feast for the senses, dancing has also been an irresistible lure for photographers. Here we will offer you some must-have tips on how to shoot a dancer.

Before coming to the point, here are also some necessary things you should know to shoot dance photography. Dancing is one of the finest arts to show motions and beauty. Therefore, the key point of dance photography is to focus well and freeze the action. To achieve this, a faster shutter speed is needed. Another point is to show the proper facial part of the subject. The facial part is essential for telling a good story. However, it is rather difficult to show the dancer’s face during the movement. Therefore, you should practice ahead to get the right angle and the amazing pose. 

In today’s video, Angela shares some must-have tips on how to shoot a dancer. To achieve a perfect photo effect, Angela chosen a CLOT hand-painted backdrop, which gives the photo more textures and visual look. For more information, you can read another blog: 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hand-Painted Backdrop.

Angela Perez is a creative photographer whose photography focuses on fashion, beauty and portraiture. Angela is also an award winning photographer whose work has been published in a variety of mediums including but not limited to Netflix, Buzzfeed, Huawei, Country Living , Adorama and more. Her clients best know her by the attention she has for detail, organization skills, and the bold way that she introduces colors. Colors, along with textures and emotions, serve as an inspiration for her photography.

Tip NO.1

Use a powerful strobe with a fast flash duration.

The faster the flash duration, the easier it is to freeze motion. You can also use a strobe with a high-speed sync to shoot at faster shutter speed. In this video, Angela decided to go with a flashpoint 600b monolight. 

Tip NO.2

Have a shot list ahead.

Based on the list, you can go over the dance moves you want the dancer to perform. Do the test move first so you can see at what point the move is. When you capture the image this way, you're not wearing your dancer out by doing a bunch of unnecessary moves. Pre-planning is the key to dance photography.  

Tip NO.3

Take the dancer’s advice.

Once you shoot the image, make sure you show the dancer. They're professionals and they know more than us exactly what the move is supposed to look like at its peak. They can give you feedback on whether or not you capture the move correctly. By doing this way, you can reshoot it if you need to, instead of going home and realizing the move was not quite right.

Tip NO.4

Add some mural wallpaper .

A professional mural wallpaper can bring more thinking and imagination


Tip NO.5

Add some visual interests.

Whether the visual interest is via fabrics colors or props, it can make your dance images stand out among the rest. In this case I made this two robe myself to add some visual interest to the concept. Free flowing fabrics photograph the best when shooting dancers.


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